About ATNS

Getting to Know The Owner & Face Behind The Store
Hello there and Welcome to All Things Nail Supply!
My name is Darlene and I am the owner.
I'm 31 years young and mom to 3 little boys under 8!
I opened All Things Nail Supply in May of 2021.
I recently went to Manicurist school and became a licensed nail tech through the state of California. As I began my nail journey I noticed the lack of nail supply stores in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas. When I was able to find a local nail supply they didn't carry the high quality products I use on a daily basis. I got tired of waiting weeks for my orders or having to drive to the O.C. and sit in tons of traffic to get what I needed.
Thus was born All Things Nail Supply!
Not just your average nail supply but one who carries EMA monomers and has a variety of high quality brands to choose from. My goal when opening this store was to provide my fellow nail techs with a local place to shop for what they needed without the waiting times of shipping. 
As a nail tech myself I also noticed the lack of kits and bundles that were being offered by the nail supplies and nail companies.
We all know when starting out how intimidating it all can be and not knowing what to get can become overwhelming fast. With that in mind I decided to stock kits and bundles to make shopping faster, easier and less stressful.
My aim is to provide you with a one stop shop for all your nail supply needs without the hassles and headaches. 
Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping!